Converts to Islam say their choice wasn’t made lightly By ZAHRA AHMED, FOR THE CHRONICLE

Sarah Prucha and Christy Thephachanh were both spiritual seekers when the people around them who most lived their faith were Muslims. Prucha was 25 and working at a downtown Houston bankwhen she noticed co-workers pausing five times each day to pray. Even things as small as saying Bismillah (In the name of God) before eating or saying Alhamdulillah, (All praise is due to God) after …

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Grieving a Loss: Will I Ever Get Over It? AMAL KILLAWI

I woke up to a text message from a friend. “I’m really sorry for texting you early on a weekend, but I need to ask you. How can you forget someone who caused a tragedy in your life? I’ve done many things to forget him, but until today I can’t seem to do so. And it is really bothering me. …

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Housing Scheme – CIS Sri Lanka

CIS  acquired  a  land  in  a  village  named  Kahatowita  and  allocated  to 37  Muslim families, who are born Muslims and new Muslims. The purchase was made possiblewith the generous donation of Br. Ahmed Von Denfer of Germany. 33 houses were built by different well wishers.   A masjid is built to cater to the religious needs ofthe village, and last …

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