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  1. Assalamualaikum w.w,

    I want to join your dahwah team. please contact me ASAP. Do not hesistate to contact me on 0777107907, add me to your whatsapp group on 0776341631(whatapp only)

    • We have commenced group Mosque Tours after a long lull due to the Covid Crisis. You are most welcome to join our team of Mosque Tour Guides after a brief training or organise groups of 25-50 persons to participate in our mosque tours which will from December 2021 be held on a fortnightly basis, insha Allah.

      Asiff Hussein
      Vice President- Outreach
      CIS Harmony Center

  2. Just a curious question. Why do majority of Muslims in Sri Lanka speak Tamil . Anyone has any history on this

  3. I would like to know where in our Quran or Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sal) it has been mentioned that female genital mutilation as obligatory. Because to my understanding it is not. But if it was not what has actually been stated by your organisation please issue a statement otherwise. I am referring to the article below.

    • It is saddening to see some Muslims today falling for Western propaganda and referring to our Islamic duty of female circumcision as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

      Islam is very clear that female circumcision like male circumcision is an Islamic duty. All the evidence considered also suggests that it is obligatory. It is not FGM as takes place in certain African countries. The purpose of FGM is to reduce sexual pleasure in women by removing the clitoris. In contrast, the purpose of Islamic female circumcision is to increase sexual pleasure in women by removing the prepuce (foreskin) around the clitoris, thus exposing the clitoris to greater stimulation. It also facilitates genital hygiene In fact, even American women are increasingly choosing to undergo it as a minor surgical procedure called hoodectomy.

      Please refer to the following articles published in the popular Islamic magazine Al Jumuah:

      Asiff Hussein
      Vice President- Outreach
      CIS Harmony Center

  4. The open musjid day is at kollupitya jumma musjid , on 22 and of January, may I know what time is it???

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