That Little Greeting Card

Islam is a faith where minute of good deeds can bring mountain of rewards and merits. It is not necessary that one should have plane load money, tallest and highest buildings in the world, biggest Air bus and biggest water fountains in the world to earn the love and affection of Almighty Allah. Often these things bring greater disaster, and  earn the wrath of Allah the Most Merciful.

A sincere loving smile is charity, removing a small thorn, from a path way  is charity , helping an aged men or women to cross a road charity and rewards for such actions immeasurable.

It was during the last Haj , one of the leading  International   Islamic School decided to release a Haj greeting cards for students. The cards were to be sent by the students to their parents and friends.

A year 2 student send his greeting card with the words, “ To my loving Father and Mother. May Allah bless you both, give you good health and happiness”.

These little words from a 6 year old child had a telling effect on the parents, who were awaiting to divorce each other soon after Haj.

These loving words coming from the mouth of their loving child emotionally moved the mother’s heart. The mother made an appeal to the Chairman of the School  explained her predicament , requested the Chairman to do what ever he can to put the family back.

The Chairman  willingly offered his services and succeeded in bringing the father and mother together. May Allah bless this little child, his parent and the role played by the Chairman. 

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