The Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS) Welfare Activities in 2014

The Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS) Welfare Activities in 2014 The CIS held a number of welfare programs in 2014 under the direction of Vice President-Welfare Ilyas Haniffa. This included Ifthar Programs during the month of Ramazan and Dry Ration Distribution for New Muslims.

Another highlight of the year was the Sharing Ramazan program overseen by Sister Mahiya where those of other faiths were invited to an ifthar meal and taught about Islamic values by renowned Islamic scholars as an inter-faith initiative. This year’s programs were all based in the north and east:

i) Mullaitivu District Secretariat (125 persons incl.staff & families, 75 % non-Muslims)

ii) Batticaloa College of Education (200 persons, 60 % non-Muslims)

iii) South Eastern University (200 persons, 50 % non-Muslims)

iv) Nallatanni Malai Mosque, Irakkamam Div. (200 persons, all Muslims)

v) Manikkamadu Mosque (100 persons, 75 % non-Muslims)

vi) Veeratidal Mosque (225 persons, 20 % non-Muslims)

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