CIS Outreach condemns Shakthi TVs provocative Ramadan Dua

The Centre for Islamic Studies’ Media & Outreach Wing strongly condemned the incendiary Ramadan Dua telecast on Shakthi TV yesterday.

Vice President, Outreach, CIS, Asiff Hussein, said that the Dua telecast with bold English subtitles shortly before the call to prayer and breaking fast was made on Friday, 17th July, had been motivated by malicious intentions as it contained highly offensive words meant to provoke those of other faiths.

“The Dua calling on Allah to ‘Curse and Damn those whom He has not Guided’ and ‘Tear them to pieces’ among other very provocative statements contains words found neither in the Holy Qur’an or in the teachings of our Noble Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). They are very damaging to our faith and to inter-communal harmony to say the least” said Hussein.

“The choice of words clearly show it is the work of mischief-makers out to discredit Islam and Muslims, and we cannot rule out the possibility of an insidious Zionist movement at work. In fact the passages bear a close resemblance to racist Jewish diatribes contained in works such as the Talmud” added Hussein.

He called on Shakthi TV to take stern action against the mischief-makers in its midst and to ensure this does not happen again.

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