“Sharing Ramadhan” organized by the CIS Youth Wing

Report “Sharing Ramadhan” organized by the CIS Youth Wing sponsored by Islamic Union of Hongkong. August 2011 Alhamdulillah  the series of  “Sharing Ramadhan” -Ifthar’s organised by the CIS Youth Wing –Dawah Outreach programme for Non Muslims students and academics were conducted at the following Universities with the collaboration of the All University Muslim Students’ Association 19th  August      –  Muslim Majlis, Institute …

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CIS – REED Project

“If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach him  how to  fish you feed him for a lifetime.” is a well-known Chinese proverb. CISREED project has been well rooted in this ideology combined with fundamental principles of Islamic values to support the needy. Once prophet Mohamed said" The hand that gives is …

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Housing Scheme – CIS Sri Lanka

CIS  acquired  a  land  in  a  village  named  Kahatowita  and  allocated  to 37  Muslim families, who are born Muslims and new Muslims. The purchase was made possiblewith the generous donation of Br. Ahmed Von Denfer of Germany. 33 houses were built by different well wishers.   A masjid is built to cater to the religious needs ofthe village, and last …

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