Wekanda Mosque opens for tourists

Wekanda Jumma Mosque in Slave Island recently announced that it will be open to tourists to visit and be taken around the mosque as part of a cultural tour.

The Open Mosque day which will commence on Sunday, 31st August 2014 at 10.00 am will thereafter continue every Sunday (morning and evening). Tourists could visit the mosque at these times and be shown around by experienced volunteers who will focus on the cultural aspects of Islam.

Wekanda Mosque was built in 1786 during the period of Dutch colonial rule by a Malay nobleman named Pandan Bali and is managed by a board of trustees who are descended from its first chaplain Sabu Latiff who arrived in the island with his father Raden Farmana from Soonan Casar in West Borneo in the late eighteenth century.

To reflect the traditional Malay culture of the area, batik sarongs and songko headgear for gents and baju kurung with selendang for ladies will be made available for visitors to wear before entering the mosque. Free literature aimed at understanding the Islamic faith will also be provided while the reception area will be adorned with a set of colourful, thought-provoking posters focusing on Islamic teachings on a variety of topics. 

Another unique feature of the tour is a free, on the spot calligraphy service by a professional calligraphy artist who will turn out beautiful specimens of Arabic calligraphy based on visitors’ names. With time, it is also hoped to have a henna corner for ladies and a sales booth for traditional Islamic headgear like fez caps and Malay songkos. 


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