Eid Greetings

The CIS humbly pleads with Allah, The Lord of the Universe to accept the good deeds and acts of Global Muslims in the Sacred Month of Ramadhan.

May Allah The Rahman and The Raheem bless those who excelled in charity and assisted the various projects of CIS. May they receive their rewards manifold.

We pray to The Almighty to bless those newly guided brothers and sisters, ease their burden and enjoy all that is permitted from the eternal spring of Islam.

 Ya! Allah! We beg of thee at this final hour of Ramadhan to alleviate the sufferings and grant hope to those oppressed members of the   Muslim Ummah. Grant us the wisdom and wherewithal to overcome the famine in Africa, and the sufferings of the  victims of war in Syria.

Ya Allah, We beg thy  mercy for the starving Burmese Muslims. Give them comfort. Give them sabr. You are the Razzaq, Ya Allah give them rizq. Ya Allah guide the Burmese leaders, open their hearts and minds so that they may  treat our brothers and sisters as human beings.

We wish one and all a joyous and blissful Eid-ul-Fitr– Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum (may Allah accept from us and from you).

CIS – Board of Directors.

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