Monthly Archives: June 2015

Take action against terrorism in the name of religion

The Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS), Sri Lanka’s pioneering Islamic Outreach organization, has called on governments to do more to defeat religious extremism and terrorism in the name of Islam. The call comes in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait, France and Kobane in Syria claimed by ISIS where innocents including little children were massacred in …

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5 mistakes I made in my first Ramadan

Having converted the day before the fasting month, Theresa Corbin recalls how she had to figure it all out on her own. “Ash-hadu an la ilaha ilallah, wa ash-hadu an la Muhammad Rasulullah,” I said for the first time on the evening of November 16, 2001. It was the evening in which Ramadan began that year. “Oh, yeah, it’s Ramadan …

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Arizona mosque, site of anti-Islam protest, holds ‘love not hate’ event By :- Deanna Dent

PHOENIX (Reuters) – An Arizona mosque where hundreds gathered last week for an anti-Islam demonstration, with counter-protesters shouting "Go home, Nazis," was the site of a "love not hate" event on Monday to promote peace and inclusiveness, participants said. The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix said it was hosting a gathering that includes a multi-faith prayer service and speakers to …

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