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Samaaja Sanwaada Book Series

*01 Meat Consumption*  Sinhala – Tamil – *02. Growth of Muslim Population* Sinhala – Tamil – *03. Expansion of Mosques* Sinhala – Tamil – *04. Islamization of Asian Buddhist countries* Sinhala – Tamil – *05. Explanation of Jihad and Quran Verses* Sinhala – Tamil – *06. Women’s Clothing in Islam* Sinhala – *Joint Declaration Against ISIS and Extremism*  *Sinhala/Tamil/English*- *Compilation …

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Sinhala Translation and Commentary of the Holy Qur’an | අල් කුර් ආනයේ සිංහල පරිවර්තනය සහ අර්ථ සංග්‍රහය

– (APP in Android and IOS)

Dear Readers of the Sinhala Translation of the Holy Qur’an by Moulana Wahiuddin Khan distributed by the Centre for Islamic Studies. The above pocket translation is a very brief one and its verses lack a proper explanation. We therefore request you to download the following app for a full translation and detailed explanation with footnotes. *ACJU Sinhala Quran* is a mobile …

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