CIS Poster Exhibition ‘Let’s Understand Muslims’ a Great Success

The Centre for Islamic Studies (CIS) held a grand poster exhibition themed ‘Let’s Understand Muslims’ at the Colombo Public Library on the 5th & 6th of February 2017 to mark International Interfaith Week.

Asiff Hussein, Vice President CIS outreach said that the event was a great success. “We sought to highlight the immense contribution Muslims have made to Sri Lanka and to dispel misconceptions of our faith. Our well designed posters covering aspects like basic beliefs, equality of humanity, tolerance and co-existence, human rights, women’s rights, animal rights and the contribution of Muslims to Sri Lankan culture were very much appreciated and stimulated a lot of interest.  We had many visitors from other faiths inquiring about various aspects of Islam and gave away some relevant literature to take home”.

Hussein thanked CIS Youth and especially its team leader Mohammed Jaleel for organizing the exhibition. He observed that they planned to have similar exhibitions in the near future.


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